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This blog is a cut-up of a dissertation in progress. Each day, I will post my favorite sentence that I have newly scribed. Everything out of context, but suggestive. I hope.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Best Sentence #43

Diet coke should be the official sponsor of my dissertation. I am willing, for instance, to print the dissertation on archival paper with a Diet Coke logo watermark. I am now consuming greater quantities of Diet Coke daily than my boss did when we were gearing up for a 1999 launch.

Also, my ribs are much better, but still not healed yet. I haven't been able to do yoga or run in the 4 weeks since I broke them, which is making me a little stir crazy!

Remember how I wanted to change the tone of the ubicomp chapter? Here, the best sentence of the day represents the new, smooth, non-hysterical flavor of the ubicomp chapter. By which I mean it's boring, but it's calmer... which is good.


Here, it helps to examine the mission statement and graphical logo of the research group that produced Smart Playing Cards.


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