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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Sentence #42

This weekend, I’ve been pulling all my old rhetoric and philosophy of science books off the shelf. I came to UC Berkeley intending to study the performance of scientific practice and theory. That all changed after I wrote a seminar paper about The Beast, went off to hike in the Swiss Alps for 8 days, and thought about which of the two subjects I really had something to say about. The Beast, and then all the other games, won. But now as I work on the chapter about ubicomp gaming, the category of ubiquitous play and performance that is absolutely tied up with scientific research and publication, I realize that I need to draw on all of that old science stuff. So, that’s very nice. I feel like I am, in at least a small way, doing the thing I came here to do. It’s nice to be underlining “Science on Stage” again. Oh, and to get into the spirit of things, I’m wearing my “Science Commons” tshirt while I work today.


This ever-expanding network of published citations serves as a provisional conquerer’s map, an authoritative record of the technologies’ success in colonizing, incrementally, more and more spaces and objects in the name of ubiquitous computing.


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