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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Best Sentence #19

Right now, I'm working through all of the source material (game design documents, gameplay videos, gameplay blogs, interviews and press) for Chapter 2: This Is Not Ubiquitous Gaming, in which I try to separate out my objects of study from the rest of the pervasive gaming field. So not much writing, more like criticl notetaking, although I'm trying to make notes everywhere that could eventually become writing later this week... For example:

It is precisely the urban-ness of these “big urban games” that makes it so difficult to reconcile their design and implementation with a ubiquitous gaming philosophy. There are simply too many places that are not cities.


Blogger italianesco said...

Nice. I like your choice of the word "cities" in the "punchline" rather than some other word or words containing "urban" (e.g., "urban centers," "urban environments," ...)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...







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