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Monday, June 26, 2006

Best Sentence #94

Woot! Chapter 7 is finished. Time to fix Chapter 8!


This opening up of the puppet master system echoes both the explosion of grassroots alternate reality games and the demonstrated ability of ARG players to continue perceiving patterns of their games after the games have ended. These three trends represent a significant shift toward a massively collaborative co-production and reproduction of ludic affordances. Together, they describe the emergence of an open ubiquitous game network, through which players are empowered to create their own real little games and to develop their own more gameful reality.


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Blogger Daniel said...

...and to develop their own more gameful reality.

This puts into a few words the vision you've given me for my own work, Jane. If I can find two spare minutes to rub together, I need to blog a few thoughts on it.

I'm not sure what encouragement a newbie (to both graduate work and ARG's) can offer, but you're doing great work.

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